We have teamed up with Tim Shaw to bring coffee lovers a line of cool merch to inspire mindful living, encouraging self love with street wear vibes .

Living mindfully represents getting out of your head and being consciously aware of your surroundings, enjoying each moment, not thinking about the past and not putting any pressure on the future, because this moment is all we know !! Living mindfully has been proven to reduce stress and increase happiness, making us kinder human beings to ourselves and the people around us. 

In this rushed modern world, do things one thing a time. Turn everyday tasks into mindful moments. Stay present while sipping your favourite coffee, get outdoors and embrace the beauty of nature , enjoy every bite you eat savouring the flavours, stop in the middle of the road to pet a dog. 

Reaching that complete state of mindfulness will have a major impact upon your health due to reducing negative thoughts, improving the overall health, well being and becoming a calmer more loving person day by day. 


Our Mindful Merch started as a way to help inspire kindful living . By donating 10% our profits to " Mental Health organizations", we are aiming to spread love , and give back to the world. This act helps us stay grounded to what truly matters.